I'm Atanas, web developer based in UK. I enjoy design and problem solving. The technologies I use include HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Express. See below the work I did while learning to code. Connect via the social links.

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LUCS Audio Tours - wip

NextJS, TypeScript, TailwindCSS

Team project

Mobile-first web app for a charity. Features internationalized routing with next-i18next package and light/dark themes with TailwindCSS. Using Sanity Studio for content management.

Dev Preview


PERN app

E-commerce project with PostgreSQL database, Node & Express server and React Redux client.

Live Code API Docs

Reddit Client

React, Redux

Course project using the unofficial JSON Reddit API to recreate a simplified read-only version of the platform, featuring popular subreddits, filters, posts and comments.

Live Code

Searching Mapbox

React, SCSS

The project uses the MapboxGl to search nearby places. Custom features include search bar, theme toggler, collapsible list of nearby places.

Live Code

Alba Bau +

HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

Side project for a construction firm. Working with flexbox layouts to create a simple responsive one-pager.

Live Code

Airline App

UX Design

The project consists of the work I produced for the UX Design Diploma course at UXDI in 2020. It covers the stages of UX design from research phase through analysis to creating prototypes for usability tests.

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Mish Mash Groceries

UI Design

Side project which I did to get to know the nature of UI design and mobile apps. It was entirely self-taught and involved simple user survey, user flow diagrams, interactive prototypes and interface design.

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If you're interested in working together or just want to say hi, please use the contact form below. I'll try to get back to you within one business day.